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How to change your life in 2017… Step 2

If you’re still wondering how to change your life in 2017, it’s time to know your wheel.

Step 2: The Wheel of Life …

Tell me something enlightening about life…” – Johnathan Haidt, The Happiness Hypothesis

The Wheel of Life dates back to Buddha. A quick Google search will take you to the beautiful and very ancient history behind The Wheel. In the 2000 years plus since Buddha lived, the western world has changed much of the wheel’s original, spiritual meaning. It is now also a popular self-improvement coaching tool.

How the Modern Wheel of Life works …

Draw a circle, then make eight pie-like wedge shaped pieces within your the circle for each of the following categories: 1) Health/Energy; 2) Spirituality; 3) Financial; 4) Relationships/Family; 5) Career/Purpose; 6) Time/Organization; 7) Fun/ Adventure;8) Emotional Mastery. Label each wedge with its own category. Next, begin at the center of your circle and color within a specific wedge outward, the degree to which you are satisfied in your life, at this moment, with that particular category. Do this for all the categories until you have a visual representation, in each wedge, of how you feel regarding these eight aspects of your life. Some wedges will likely have little coloring, some will have more. There are many modern wheels with varying categories, but they are all fairly similar to the ones used here.

Look at your completed wheel. Where in your life do you need to focus immediate attention to change your life for the better right now? Which category or aspect of your life is nearly empty or low on satisfaction?

Pause for a moment and really understand…this is YOUR Wheel of Life. You design it, you live it and YOU CAN CHANGE IT to be happy, abundant and living a life on purpose. Take a moment to feel how that feels … to feel that hope, like a small fire stirring in you.

Yesterday we covered Step 1 to changing your life was “improving yourself” and believing you can — or at least being open to believing you can.

Remember the following declaration from yesterday’s Step 1 email?

“I COMMIT to improving myself and my life — and I WILL LEARN HOW.”

A key part of Step 2 is accepting you can improve every aspect of your life.Even though you may not know what this means or how to do it, until you learn more, for now, TRUST IT IS TRUE because it is.

Want a radical New Year’s goal?

Find out who you truly are in 2017 and live it! Make your wheel amazing!

You don’t have to wait until the New Year. Start NOW.

Thanks for reading and remember…YOU really can change your life!

~ Carolyn


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