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I have run the gamut in my professional life to date, including transitioning from a highly successful two-decade attorney career trying jury trials, with both Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 companies (including managing and winning a national company award) to now show host, entrepreneur and CLO (Chief Life Officer) of Boomtank. I am still an attorney (you keep the full designation once you’ve been licensed), but made the beautiful leap to moving beyond the practice of law. Instead, I redesigned my entire life and career to successfully follow my dreams and passions. Here’s more:

  • Motivational Speaker –  Personal Success/Life Improvement
  • Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Success Coaching
  • Certified Life Coach, specializing in Personal Success/Life Improvement/Confidence Building/Transformation/NLP 
  • Certified Spiritual Coach, specializing in ‘the big picture’
  • Public Speaking Coach – You can do this!
  • Podcaster/Show Host, The Boomtank Business Show
  • Master of Science Degree in Organization Development (OD), Johns Hopkins University (much like applied behavioral science, for organizations/companies)
  • OD Consultant to companies/organizations/groups, with a focus on change management, leadership, motivation and business strategy
  • Graduate Certificate in Instructional System Design (ISD), with a focus on web-based instruction and workshop course learning, via webinars and social media chats
  • IBM (employee) – Online instructional design projects for Colgate Palmolive International and U. S. Department of Defense.

I’m passionate about helping women free their mind, unleash their spirit and build a life they love – and LOVE is the operative word (in every possible way).

Email carolyn@boomtank.com or click here to complete an easy form.

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