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For  nearly two decades, I was a Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Senior Corporate Trial Attorney.  Now, I make the case on behalf of your business and career dreams - happiness too. I worked with over 10,000 clients, witnesses and experts, for over 25,000 collective hours, teaching them to speak confidently and ethically to share their message and facts. I am also an Organization Development Consultant, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Show Host of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast, Livestreamer, Speaker and a Certified Professional Coach. 

I offer Professional Coaching and Consulting for Executives, Teams, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.  Premier 'Success and Personal Development Coaching' is included in all of my packages.  Contact me to discuss your individual, group and/or workshop needs. 

Global, National, Virtual and In Person

Executive and Team Packages


Message, Mission, Leadership, Life Design, Professional Public Speaking

Organization Development:

Change Management, Leadership, Motivation, Mission Statements 

Entrepreneur and Business Owner Packages

Confident, Professional Online Public Speaking/PR Readiness:

Claim your 'Expert Celebrity' with Professional Livestreaming, Livestream Show Creation, Podcasting, Podcast Guesting,  Professional Talk Creation, Professional Public Speaking, Media One Sheet Preparation and Pitching.  I help you GO PRO NOW to confidently, "Get Seen And Get Heard" - Let's Get You PR Ready! 

Professional Business Package Price/Review:

Create high value, correctly-priced offers, programs and services. It's time to create a real business you can scale. This package also includes my inner game 'Momentum Ball' coaching, designed to get your momentum ball rolling and keep it rolling! 

Carolyn Also Offers 'VIP' Full-Day Strategy Intensives

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 Comments from some of Carolyn's very happy clients ... 


Carolyn is a rare gem to find in this day and age. She brilliantly leads you through a process to convey your story/message in a way that aligns with your soul and captivates your true essence. Her genuine commitment is inspiring as she care about your success. Carolyn has helped me gain the confidence in my speaking ability to show up online and on stage. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Carolyn for helping me put that missing piece into my business. It's served me both personally and professionally.

—Nadine Crespo - Leadership, Performance and Success Strategist


"Shout-out to the amazing Carolyn Cole! Just got off call with this #ladyboss helping me to "Go Pro Now". I was able to gain clarity and create and action plan for:  1. Next opt-in; 2. Entry-level product; 3. Mid-level product; 4. Top-tier product; 5. Adjacent market and industry thought-leaders to inspire me in my next quantum leap in business. I already have a successful business. There's no doubt we are headed to 7-figures in 2018 thanks to her professional, dynamic, intuitive guidance. Super excited!"

—Jana Naluai Bresenden -Business Marketing Strategest, Ho'omana Lomilomi 


"Carolyn goes deep and helps you with whatever you're facing! She helped me create processes and scripts perfect for my business, to really GO PRO. If you are a serious business owner, I highly, highly recommend her! The experience was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Carolyn!"

—Kendra SetteThe Optimum You", 5x Business Strategies 


"Carolyn is amazing!!! Been reorganizing my business after working with her. Have a paid speaking gig and was invited to do my first podcast interview. She. Is. Incredible." 

—Ashly McHatton -Professional Business Brander And Brand Developer


"Carolyn is incredible at helping you with your business. She takes your through a process to understand both what you do and where you want to go with your gifts. She then crafts your package and delivers it with the 'BOOM' you deserve. She also recommends talk topics, so you can confidently get out there and share your business gifts using whichever media you choose. I couldn't recommend her more as she makes you feel totally comfortable with her holistic approach to business. 'The makeover worth a million dollars :). Her coaching is way more valuable than you can imagine. She's totally amazing :)" 

—Tanya Malden - Tanya Malden Branding House,

Comments from some of Carolyn's very happy workshop attendees ... 

What a great workshop! It exceeded even my optimistic expectations! Carolyn's presentation was excellent and the networking was equally excellent. I'm looking forward to much more!” (Global Forensics, World Bank, Department of Justice, etc.) 

Carole C.

Alias Technology

Really got a lot out of Carolyn's presentation. She was well prepared and had a wealth of experience to share! She is the gift that keeps on giving. The tools recommended by Carolyn Cole are having an immediate and profound impact on how I do business.” (National Geographic, Smithsonian,

Myron R.

SEO Expert

Fantastic workshop! I was moved by Carolyn's passion, generosity and complete dedication to help people achieve personal success. Her knowledge base is a deep well from which the education, guidance, mentorship is framed, formed and projected to the attending student entrepreneurs. Interactive, stimulating! Loads of references, people, books. Many, many thanks again!!

Wenzhe L.

Financial Expert

Awesome workshop! Great information; positive energy. Really energized my entrepreneurial spirit. A ton of great information. I'm leaving with a greater sense of purpose, direction and motivation!

Ann W.


I was so impressed by the wealth of knowledge that Carolyn Cole presented. Great Group. Carolyn's entrepreneurial spirit, passion and wisdom are profound. When I ask myself ‘what I am getting from this group?’ I envision Carolyn saying that "[she] jumps out of a plane everyday," and that analogy pushes me to change my attitude and push through my mental obstacles. Bravo and A+!

Jaqueline R.

Elite Business

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